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Meeting the needs of a growing community

Did you know there were residents who live in parts of Zionsville and neighboring Whitestown who didn’t have full access to the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library? As our community continues to grow, so does the need for Library service. That’s why we’re expanding our service area to include residents of Worth and Perry Townships. It’s an important process that involves research, planning, and support from community leaders and residents.

Expansion News

Worth Township residents may now call the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library (HMMPL) their home Library and receive a full-service Library card.

The Worth Township Advisory Board accepted Hussey-Mayfield’s service proposal July 21 and took a final vote on the full resolution August 10. The plan, which took effect Wednesday, August 12, calls for HMMPL to provide permanent Library services to all township residents and build a branch in the area.

Residents may register for a Library Card at the Library’s main location, 250 N. 5th St., Zionsville or online at http://bit.ly/HMMPLcard.

Our next steps involve working with organizations serving Worth Township to form a community-based working group to help advise us regarding the scope of desired services, new branch construction, and overall project timing. Community meetings and focus groups will also be held with interested residents to determine desired needs.

The Library is also working with the Zionsville Mayor and Town Council to extend services to residents of Perry Township. A formal proposal for the Perry Township expansion will be discussed at an upcoming Zionsville Town Council meeting.

HMMPL has ordered a new bookmobile which could be on the road by December 2020. In addition, a book drop-box will be installed in the expansion area once a location has been confirmed.

How we got here

Up until now, HMMPL only served residents of Eagle and Union Townships. For many years, our neighbors in Perry and Worth Townships were not in a public library service district and had to pay a fee to use the Library, as directed by state statute. Several years ago, HMMPL entered into agreements with a few area Township officials that allowed us to provide low-cost cards to those without a library. Worth and Perry Township residents were included in this popular plan.

During last year’s Community Conversations about our new Strategic Plan, you voiced a clear demand for Library services in the western portion of our service area. As our community continues to grow, we receive more and more requests for membership from residents outside of our current service area – young families seeking children’s programming, teenagers who want a place to study or meet up with friends, and adults who are looking for places to work, meet, and connect with information and cultural opportunities. We’ve been looking at ways to meet these needs.

Last year, our board discussed implementing contractual bookmobile service within Perry and Worth Townships sometime in 2020. Our goal is to provide increased access in the short term, while preparing for a new branch in the longer term. We met with several key leaders including both Zionsville and Whitestown town governments and community organizations.

Our planning was accelerated in June when we attended a Worth Township Advisory Board meeting where residents expressed a strong sentiment to move forward with a library branch as soon as possible. Recent conversations with the Mayor’s office in Zionsville have revealed a similar desire for Perry Township residents to receive permanent Library service.

More Services, More Convenience, Stronger Community

Extending services to residents in unserved areas will strengthen our entire community. Studies show that students with access to a local library excel academically. Plus, our new Worth Township branch will provide added space for public use, like meeting and study rooms, as well as more capacity for programming and services. This branch will also be accessible to residents in our current Library service district, many of whom might find it conveniently located near popular shopping centers, schools, and their daily commute.


Why is HMMPL expanding?

Our community is growing. During last year’s Community Conversations about our new Strategic Plan, residents voiced a clear demand for Library services in the western portion of our service area. Additionally, we continue to receive more and more requests for membership from residents outside of our current service district. Our plans for expanding our service area were accelerated this past June, when residents of Worth Township expressed their desire for full library services to the Worth Township Trustee.

What is the timeline for expanding service?

While some services, including a new book drop in the area and bookmobile services could begin as soon as December of this year, the construction of a new, fully-functioning branch will take more time.

The actual time to develop and build the branch depends on community input and best timing for the entities involved. We are in the process of forming a Worth Branch Advisory Group comprised of local residents to determine needs and timing.

How fast can this happen? A branch could be open to the public as soon as late 2021. The building process can be as quick or as deliberate as the Worth Township and Boone County entities feel is necessary. The timing will depend on several factors, including the approval process, feedback, and construction needs.

How big will the new branch be?

The branch will be a full-service branch with added options depending on the size and needs expressed by the community. HMMPL is proposing three building size options: 15,000 Square Feet, 20,000 Square Feet, and 30,000 Square Feet. Working closely with community members, we will determine the best size, features, and costs together.

How much will the new branch cost?

We are currently working with the Worth Branch Advisory Group, comprised of area residents and Library Board members, to determine branch features which will determine the final cost. A new branch will create additional staffing and operating cost.  Therefore, the size of the branch will dictate the estimated cost of the expansion.  Using the three building size options listed below, you can see the associated cost comparisons.

The Library and Board are committed to providing the same outstanding Library services that it currently offers Library district taxpayers. The three (3) different general fund cost estimates, estimated levies, and estimated tax rates are listed in the table below. General fund costs are the operational costs of the Library, like personnel, supplies, and materials.

Potential General Fund Cost $295,0001 $550,0002 $820,0003
Estimated General Fund Levy $1,342,9131 $1,582,9132 $1,792,9133
Estimated General Fund Tax Rate4 $0.03951 $0.04652 $0.05273
Estimated Debt Service Tax Rate5 $0.01591 $0.01592 $0.01593
Estimated Total Tax Rate $0.05541 $0.06242 $0.06863


1 Cost of a Library that is approximately 15,000 square feet

2 Cost of a Library that is approximately 20,000 square feet.

3 Cost of a Library that is approximately 30,000 square feet.

4 Tax rate is derived from dividing that levy by the proposed expanded net assessed value and multiplied by 100.

5 The 2020 debt service rate of the Library is estimated to fund approximately between a $6 and $8 million debt issuance.

How will this new branch affect my taxes?

Tax rate implications in the original HMMPL Worth Township expansion proposal were based on potential debt payments starting in 2022, with an impact that would decrease thereafter. Since the original proposal, the HMMPL board has been working on bond financing options that will lessen the possibility of an increase in taxes for Eagle and Union Township residents.

Worth Township property owners will see a tax rate of $0.0554 to $0.0686 per $100 of adjusted assessed value for Library services. The timing of tax implications will be determined by bond financing and the final rate will be determined by the size of the Library branch selected. The mid-range rate of $0.0624 would translate into a $61.01* annual Library tax for those with a $200,000 home.

Finally, homeowners who have already met their tax cap will not see an overall increase in their property taxes. Some of their tax dollars paid will be redistributed from other taxing agencies. (Thankfully, our impact has been kept to a minimum due to our lower overall tax rate for the new branch.)

*All included tax examples assume the following mortgage deductions have been applied: homestead deduction, supplemental homestead deduction, and mortgage deduction. The annual Library tax is then calculated based on the resulting net assessed home value.

Where will the branch be built?

HMMPL will use feedback from community representatives and residents to determine an ideal site for a new branch in Worth Township. The site selection will depend upon community input, necessary size for the Library, parking and outdoor space, plus convenience and accessibility for residents.

How can a Worth Township Resident get a Library Card?

Residents may bring their ID, listing their current home address, to the Library to get a card for themselves. If your
current ID does not list your address, please also bring an official document listing your name and current address, such
as a bank statement or utility bill. Online applications are also accepted at https://zionsvillelibrary.org/get-a-card/.

How do I view the full proposal?

You may view the full Worth Township Library expansion proposal here.

What will the new branch include?

This new location will be a full-service branch. Our plan is to work closely with representatives from residents to identify the needs of the community. The Library will develop a survey and offer community meetings to discuss options. Then, we will develop a plan for the building and grounds that works best for everyone.  We intend to develop a Library that offers all of the services and materials that HMMPL patrons have come to expect, and also meets the needs of these unique communities.  Patrons can expect a full-service branch with modern amenities and spaces.

What services are available to Worth and Perry Township residents immediately (before the branch officially opens)?

Worth Township residents may now enjoy access to the full range of available Library services, including getting a Library card for everyone in their household. HMMPL has purchased a bookmobile that is expected to be on the road by
late 2020. When current, state-wide health restrictions are lifted, the Library will use it to provide outreach services like bookmobile stops, homebound delivery, and offsite programs in our expansion area.

In addition, the Library has purchased a book drop-box with the intention of placing it where residents in our new service area can conveniently use it to return Library materials.

Who can use the new library branch?

The new branch will be available for all Library cardholders and area visitors, regardless of where they reside.

How can I get involved or express opinions about what I would like to see in a new Library branch?

Those with questions can always send us a message at askalib@zionsvillelibrary.org. You can also reach out to a member of our Worth Branch Advisory Group (more information coming soon).

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